The Universal Language

A song will outlive all sermons in the memory. -Henry Giles Completely lost in my thoughts I run up the escalator of the Underground in Greenwich North station. At the end of the… Continue reading

Homo virtuous?

Humans are dual creatures by nature. We are capable of horrific cruelty, corruption and greed yet we have the unique ability to do genuinely selfless deeds. In most cases humans have a tendency… Continue reading

Unite with Poppy Flowers

From the country, for men, who fight for their country. The whole Armed Forces community is dependent on the support of their country. Men have experienced severe injuries, lost legs and some of… Continue reading

Donation Meters

Re-using donation meters for a good cause. In 2008 the City of Denver decided to actively fight homelessness. A study conducted by the City of Denver found that citizens gave $4.5 million per… Continue reading

Sharing is Caring

Share what you have in in masses for those in need. I found this interesting picture where someone gives free electricity to the public. I am not sure what kind of electricity contract… Continue reading

Inspiring Little Artists!

Inspiring little Artists! I stumbled upon a very fascinating website called On the website schoolteachers from America can post material and item requests for their school. This can start from crayons, poetry… Continue reading

Blog and save the world

Ever wondered if blogging and social media might have potential to save the world? Well, we are on our way. On the 23.10.2012 there was a fundraiser discussion in the Google campus to… Continue reading

save the world, 1% at a time

The 1 % user manual There are over 1.6 million non-profit organizations in the US alone and many of them deliver critical social service to those in need. Non-profit organizations “tend to see… Continue reading

Joy appeal

What is your first reaction towards the following images and statement? One less cup of coffee for you means food for me for 2 weeks! Please help me! Thanks to our valuable donors I… Continue reading

Gaffa Tape Days

Cardboard and Gaffa tape a match made in heaven. As part of the studio work I was asked to make an object out of Gaffa tape, related directly to my project. The requirements… Continue reading