Inspiration: Personal experience
A couple of years ago I went to a turtle farm in Sri Lanka. In the area it is very common to eat turtle eggs, however many turtle species are endangered species, so a few locals run turtle farms. They pay locals more money, than the egg would be worth to stop them from eating it, hence it is an aspiration for locals to collect the intact eggs and deliver them to the farm. The eggs are then bread until the babies hatch. About 2 weeks after they hatched and are strong enough to take the first step into the ocean, the baby turtles are set free.
I was lucky enough to be there on the day and helped those cute little animals to fight the waves and start living in the ocean. It takes a turtle 30 years to come back to the exact spot where they were bred and set free. Maybe in 20 years from now I will meet one them again? J
Anyway, it is a very ambitious, selfless and noble business to maintain, simply to save the turtles. They also have large tanks with injured turtles and take care of them or sometimes, if they’re lucky to find one, an albino, as an attraction for visiting tourists.

I remember we had a chat with them. One Sri Lankan Dollar equals a turtle egg. We donated 400. Will we ever know if they actually paid for 400 eggs brought by locals to be set free? No. And how do they eat, drink, sleep and live themselves? This is their job.

I wish there was a way I could improve a turtle farm. If I had a regular income, I would donate money monthly, just to help them maintain their turtle farm. Unfortunately there is no way of me knowing what happens with the money.

But maybe there is.

Where there is a problem, there is an opportunity for design.

However, I keep thinking it is very ambitious to try to help a charity organization outside of the country I live in. Communication, visiting and active involvement would be highly difficult.

This brings me back to London’s charity organizations. How can I improve the communication, active engagement and loyalty of people with a charity?
What issues do charities face on a daily basis? How do they function now and what do they think is lacking in their system?

I think charity and funding raises many unanswered questions and a vast platform of research. It would be beneficial for me to narrow it down to a specific group of charity organizations, rather than trying to find an ultimate solution for all.

I believe with more research I develop more passion towards one subject in order to establish a route that I could follow.