Coca Cola for the world

Spread the happiness and send a free Coke to someone!

But not just your neighbour. No, send it wherever you wish in the world!

During my internship at Publicis Chemistry I had the opportunity to attend a talk by Alison Lomax, the Industry Head of Google. She presented current trends and challenges faced in our digital communication, as well as future plans of Google to improve the user experience with the company and their personalised interests.

A remarkable example was a Coca Cola campaign in 2012, Project Re: Brief, buy the world a Coke. They developed special vending machines with live webcams and microphones and distributed the idea via Google’s display advertising platform. The simple idea was that any person could record a message and send it to a Cocoa Cola vending machine somewhere in the world, together with a free coke. The receiver could then send live and direct feedback via video or voice message or send a text. This genius idea enabled random people to connect on the other side of the world.
This clearly demonstrates Coca Cola’s power to connect people globally. I love it.

I started questioning how one could extrapolate the concept. One thing that I always wondered was why many people have strong doubts about the sincerity of charity organisations and if there is a way to resolve that problem. How could you have money donors engage more with a charity fund and get direct, personalised feedback providing them with information what they helped achieve with their money.

Is there something to learn and extract from Coca Colas project? Could charities be upgraded with more modern communication methods? Games maybe?