Growing Organs

I would like a new liver please.

Maybe make that two.

Just in case.

Dr Anthony Atala, a US researcher, builds organs.
In a BBC news report of March 11th, 2012, it is explained how he uses a the stem cells of a patient to grow their own new body parts. This avoids the possibility of rejection from the body or waiting for the right donor to come along. His speciality are bladders and urethras and he can proudly say that he has fitted the first patient with a new organ in 2008.

The more complex an organ is, the more difficulties there are to connect arteries and veins to keep the organ alive. It is even more astounding to read that Dr Doris Taylor, who focuses to produce beating organs, has managed to built a rats heart. He stripped away the original DNA of the cells and injected it with new heart cells. The heart was beating eight days later, albeit at just 2% of normal heart function.

Is this the first step to eternal life?