30 days challenge

Will I manage to hit the gym every single day for 30 days?

One of my favourite websites is Ted.com.
I recently found a video by Matt Cuts who talks about monotony in our everyday life and how we get stuck in repetitive behaviour and habits. He uses the example of himself, having been a computer freak that loves junk food and setting himself a 30 day challenge to eat healthy. Or to cycle to work everyday. Or to write a novel in that time. He explains the phenomenon of achieving things it we make a conscious decision to break a pattern and install new behaviours.

I found this very inspiring.

I have done similar things like that before without noticing. Now I have consciously chosen to go to the gym every day of the week, but will I last?

I feel splendid after 2 weeks so far!

What other challenges could I set myself? How will the experience affect me on the long run? Could I find a way of inspiring people to do the same?

Cuts, Matt, July 2011, Ted.com