Bionic Humans

Just a second, let me upload Martial Arts into my bionic arms.
Inside my nervous system, done.
Next skill please!

Watching Pistorius run at the Olypmics seriously had me question the fairness of him competing against athletes with naturally functioning bodies in a sprint. He is a double amputee with two blade leg extensions that enable him to run like everyone else, however, there is no exact proven advantage nor disadvantage towards the other competitors.
I do think it is unfair just because of the lack of proof.

It got me thinking about technology has made amputees capable of in todays society. I engaged in research about bionic humans and found an article on BBC, early 2012, about a soldier named Andrew Garthwait. Andrew lost his arm on duty and now has an arm posthese that is wired to his nervous system. He can control his movements by thoughts.

I wonder, what if technology advances so far, that bionic humans get more functional than normal humans. Will people deliberately chop of their hand to raise their chance for the next job? Will we one day be able to rewire the nervous system and actually transmit external information into our brain? Maybe Matrix was quite close to future reality after all…