Moral and Immoral

I like being naked at the beach.
Is that immoral behaviour?
I am German.
Is it okay now?

I found a very inspiring Ted talk by Sebastian Deterding about what design sais about the person who designed it.

He explains, that because we live in a pluralist society, everyones values differ from another. We have mixed races, religions and morals. The question is however to figure out for yourself what you believe in. What is moral or immoral in your world? How do you choose to design for your world? What  kind of vision do you impose on others with your design?

Every product conveys a message about it’s quality and value it should have in one’s life. It has a moral component to what kind of live we should aspire to live because it is ”the good life”.

Look at the designs around us.
What is the vision of the good life that products resemble?

What vision of the good life do your designs convey?

I think posing these questions and finding an answer is an integral part of understanding oneself. I also strongly believe it is important to not impose one’s values, morals or ethics onto other people. It is everyone individuals choice to live their life how their wish.

Live up to your own potential.