Knit for Peace!

Did you know knitting actually aided soldiers? Well, now you do.

If you visit the V&A you can find the original knitting patterns distributed amongst women in the UK during World War II. Their main task was to knit so-called Balaclava’s for soldiers. These were by definition ‘a close-fitting garment covering the whole head and neck except for parts of the face, typically made of wool.’  The Balaclava was a very pratical piece of head gear. According to a report from Ingrid Murnane, “its style and knitted flexibility also means that it can easily be used to conceal a person’s features, for instance as part of the Special Forces uniform, and it has also garnered a more controversial reputation in its use in criminal activities.”

Just to add a random fact to this, the Balaclava used to be a very popular piece of clothing for schoolboys in the early 80s. Unfortunately nowadays it gained a more controversial reputation in its use of criminal activities.

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