From children to children

You don’t have to be a certain age to assist those in need. You can always find a way to help.

When Victoria van Wassenhove was a young 14-year-old girl she had two major aspirations in life: to dance and to help other people.

She kept wondering how she could ever combine those two wishes. In the year 2005 she decided to organize a charity event and join forces with all her friends who loved performing just like her. The idea was to create an event of joy for everyone and to raise money from children for children.

Victoria managed to find the charity “Children Are The Future” who was very happy to join in. They were grateful to receive the money that would be raised. She also proposed her idea to her school that immediately showed their support by providing her with rooms and equipment to prepare the show.

For 2 months dancers, singers and all kinds of performers in their early teens collaborated together and practiced many hours for week after week after week. In order to set up everything required for the stage Victoria got in contact with the school technician. He was thrilled to be part of a good cause and out of his own will donated one hour every week to teach her and some friends everything they needed to know about lightning, sound and stage set-up. Victoria kept emphasizing towards me how amazed she was that people were willing to give their time and knowledge just to be part of her vision.

When the day finally arrived hundreds of visitors came to see the show, however for many students it was for the mere cause that it was cool to be there. Parents wanted to see their children perform and sponsors were there to invest into the events cause.

The idea to give from children to children was a huge success. A large amount of money was transferred to “Children Are The Future”. The organization gave feedback in the form of a detailed project proposal explanation how the money was used to help 8 families in Sri Lanka that had experienced severe loss during the Tsunami.

Victoria was delighted to see how here vision became reality and organized a similar event the year after. This time the donations were used to support the research into a rare kind of blood disease in the leukemia family called, Histiocytosis.

Up until today the school hosts an event every year and donates money to charities. Victoria managed to trigger a trend of voluntary collaboration amongst youth to help others in need.

I think this is highly remarkable and respectable, well done Vicky!
Interview: (Van Wassenhove, Victoria, interviewed by Anja Hess, 16. Oct. 2012)
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