Calling Companies

Turns out offering help is more difficult than I thought!

I called up several companies and requested an interview about some general questions and a proposal of my project. Unfortunately, I did not get past the phone and had to ask all my questions right on the sport and got semi-helpful answers. At least I found out that my idea to send objects across countries is frankly impossible, due to all the extra cost. Transport expenses, packaging, employees here and abroad are in total far to expensive and not lucrative.

Furthermore I found out that for example Children In Need actually have to turn down fabric donations by major store due to the reason, that they do not help with their projects in countries across sea. Seems to be a lot more difficult to donate to a charity than I ever thought. Hopefully the companies offering these fabrics found another charity that could make local use of it, would have been a pity otherwise!

However, I will continue to call up more companies and visit smaller charity shops to get some real interviews.

Fingers crossed. 🙂

Image 1: (Calling, available at:, accessed 17. Oct. 2012)