Knitted Hats for Drinks

Knitting is just something for grannies. Wait a minute. Did one just knit a Viking hat for innocent drinks!? I want one!

In 2011 I came across the Big Knit for the first time when I saw Innocent Juices decorated with adorable winter hats. The Big Knit is an event organized for 9 years in a row by Innocent Drinks Ltd and for every hatted bottle they donate 25p to a charity organization called Age UK. Age UK provides services for elderly people, so it was quite a good marketing opportunity to get elderly people knit for elderly people. Obviously others could participate as well, but how many teenagers are capable of knitting?

So how does it work? You simply download some of the knitting patterns online and send in your ready knitted masterpiece. The Big Knit actually managed to smash the £1 million mark of total money raised over the campaign’s history.

So come on everyone, get your knit on!!

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