Gaffa Tape Days

Cardboard and Gaffa tape a match made in heaven.

As part of the studio work I was asked to make an object out of Gaffa tape, related directly to my project. The requirements were simple; it had to be an already existing object and produced on a 1:1 scale. I decided to replicate a charity box that volunteers collet donations with on the streets. This is the result.

On the following day it was required to come up with an add-on to the existing figure. I ended up with some wild and crazy ideas to improve the interaction with the charity box. Here are a few examples.

In the end I decided to refer to the theory of intrinsic rewards of Susan M. Weinschenk. She explained that the most effective way of working is to be motivated intrinsic and be rewarded by surprise. This leads to positive feelings but no expectation towards further rewards. Hence I decided it would be a good idea if the donator receives a surprise feedback after the donation. They will receive a certificate with the amount they donated and the cause it is being used for. With partially handwritten information it should make the donator feel like the certificate is more personalized.
This is my outcome.

Image1: (Cardboard Stack, taken by Anja Hess, on the 29.10.2012)
Image2: (Charity Support in Context, taken by Anja Hess, on the 29.10.2012)
Image2: (Charity Support Certificate in Context, taken by Alex Duffner, on the 01.11.2012)