Blog and save the world

Ever wondered if blogging and social media might have potential to save the world? Well, we are on our way.

On the 23.10.2012 there was a fundraiser discussion in the Google campus to establish new ways of connecting charity organizations with their donors. The main point of discussion was how to use social media to their benefit of connecting people. Unfortunately it was a very exclusive event, however a very kind woman called Fritha Vincent offered me to come by another day and give me a summary of what was being discussed.

She explained to me that an integral part of fundraising is stewardship. The fundraiser has the responsibility to give feedback to the donor and what achievements were made with his donation. Special service and information is provided for the major donors.

As I learned, a country program is another term for international charities. Recently the director of the country programs started blogging on the website and twitter about his everyday challenges and achievements. This was an absolute breakthrough and the donors where thrilled to follow. At the afore mentioned fundraiser discussion some donors were completely in the loop due to the blog updates. It even encouraged one major donor to volunteer as a mentoring blogger on the charity website. He took it upon himself to educate new donors about the charity and their projects. This enables him to be a part of the volunteering system without being present geographically.

Not everyone reads their update e-mails, so organizations are challenges to rethink how to reach their people. In our modern culture we have the ability to pick and choose information bits, so by giving the donors small bits every day while they engage with their daily routine of checking their social media websites, it is easier to connect. LinkedIn is very useful to promote and invite donors for meetings.

In conclusion, Social Media is a new way for charity organizations to connect with donors and has the potential to lead to e-volunteering.

Thank you Fritha, for your time and kind help!