The Universal Language

A song will outlive all sermons in the memory.
-Henry Giles

Completely lost in my thoughts I run up the escalator of the Underground in Greenwich North station. At the end of the escalator I see 4 charity workers with charity donation boxes. I am in a rush, since I am late to meet my brother and my niece, so I plan to ignore them. Unexpectedly one starts singing. Then another one. Then a third. Some are in tune, some stand further away and sing another song. All of a sudden a cheerfulness overcomes me and I stop and smile. They sing Christmas songs, I happen to be a huge fan, and sway and dance a little. It makes me so happy to listen to them I actually forgot for a second that I am in a hurry. So much, that I did not even notice my niece running towards me and jumping on me. 🙂

I grab a pound from my purse and drop in a charity box of a singing woman. “Keep up the cheerfulness and the singing! It’s lovely!” I say with a bright smile. She thanks me and places a little sticker on my jacket, so people can see I donated. Proud and happy I walk off with my family.

When we left the station my brother turned to me and asked what charity they were. I had no idea. I did not even care. I just replied that I liked the concept. They’re singing made me cheerful and that was worthy a reward.

The next day I realised I still had no clue who the volunteers worked for. The little heart and thank you sticker says UCKG Help centre. I looked it up to find out that they are a Christian Church that is open to all age, race, sex and beliefs. Their main aim is help people who wish to change and provide them with opportunities and tips for their paths.


What is interesting for me is, I am not religious. There a certain things I do not support about too religious ways of living. I do think religion can provide a good path in life if it instills the right morals. However I simply do not want people to try and force it upon me or others, because everyone can choose what is best for them to believe in. Just to make myself clear: if religion is an integral part for you I absolutely support it without questioning it! But please accept I have a different way of living and leave me to it.

Having said that, if I would have known that they are a Christian Charity I would have had an immediate impulse to first investigate every detail of what they do, to see if I approve of it. If it is all about preaching a Christian lifestyle and denying everything else, I would have probably not supported it. However, I can only assume this based on my mixed emotion after finding out this information. I can for sure say that they have simply won me over in that moment by giving me the gift of music and making me want to repay their effort. I am very fascinated by this experience. After all music connects people no matter what since:

Music is the universal language of mankind.
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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