Work Motivation

What motivated you to work? How does your work reward you? Did you know that people are more motivated by intrinsic rewards than extrinsic rewards? I was reading about very interesting idea which… Continue reading

Give-A-Toy Store by eBay

Scan. Pay. Receive. As Korea proved to us, QR code shopping on the way home in the underground is fast and convenient. Ebay took it one step further and used the concept to… Continue reading

Blood Donation

Is it more honorable to donate blood than money? Is it more respectable to give part of your body over your salary? As a mid-teenager I started organizing blood donations at my school.… Continue reading

Knitted Hats for Drinks

Knitting is just something for grannies. Wait a minute. Did one just knit a Viking hat for innocent drinks!? I want one! In 2011 I came across the Big Knit for the first… Continue reading

HRF Charity Shop

The Human Relief Foundation The Human Relief Foundation was established in the year 1991 after the Golf War. The HRF runs charity projects all around the world and they provide food, shelter, medicine,… Continue reading

Charity Boxes

Always try to give what you can. I went to visit John Lewis in East Croydon since a friend of mine pointed out that they have charity boxes. Eager to find out more… Continue reading

Calling Companies

Turns out offering help is more difficult than I thought! I called up several companies and requested an interview about some general questions and a proposal of my project. Unfortunately, I did not… Continue reading

From children to children

You don’t have to be a certain age to assist those in need. You can always find a way to help. When Victoria van Wassenhove was a young 14-year-old girl she had two… Continue reading

Charities Online Financial Reporting

How can charities represent themselves better online to demonstrate their achievements? The Annual ICAEW Charities Online Financial Reporting and Accounts Awards (COFRA) are open to charities registered in the UK which prepare their… Continue reading

Knit for Peace!

Did you know knitting actually aided soldiers? Well, now you do. If you visit the V&A you can find the original knitting patterns distributed amongst women in the UK during World War II.… Continue reading