I am already dead

‘I have ALS but I do not need help. I am already dead. But please help the ones that still have a chance!’ This is a pro-bono advert created by Publicis in the… Continue reading

Machine Gun Preacher

Another Man’s battle. The white preacher who fights with a gun. Sam Childers is a former drug-dealing motorcycle gang member, who turned his life around when he found God. He became a crusader… Continue reading

Jimmy Salvie

Jimmy Salvie, a deceased BBC1 TV presenter, has been revealed to have raped several women and young girls during his career. Due to this shocking incident his Charity Trust has announced to close… Continue reading

Coca Cola Couple Machine

Prove your love to get a Coke from a vending machine! For Valentines Day 2012 Coca Cola installed a vending machine that only gives out 2 free cokes when a couple proves that… Continue reading

Coca Cola 2 for 1

Climb a vending machine with help of a friend! Coca Cola managed to actively engage people with their brand by building a vending machine that is too high to reach for one person.… Continue reading

Coca Cola Hug Machine

Ever thought about hugging a vending machine? Cocoa Cola made it happen! In 2009 Coca Cola designed a range of Happiness Machines to have consumers interact actively with the brand. I very much… Continue reading

Moral and Immoral

I like being naked at the beach. Is that immoral behaviour? I am German. Is it okay now? I found a very inspiring Ted talk by Sebastian Deterding about what design sais about… Continue reading

Gangdam Style

Right. Left. Right. Right. And do the lasso. It’s Gangdam style! The new trendy and humours music video from Korea is a perfect example for┬áSocial Media phenomenon’s. A funny video, with silly dance… Continue reading

30 days challenge

Will I manage to hit the gym every single day for 30 days? One of my favourite websites is Ted.com. I recently found a video by Matt Cuts who talks about monotony in… Continue reading

Alternative Reality Game

Is it possible to turn the whole world into a game? And you are the main character. Find the hidden clues. Look closely. Run. I have always loved to play video games. Is… Continue reading