Bionic Humans

Just a second, let me upload Martial Arts into my bionic arms. Inside my nervous system, done. Next skill please! Watching Pistorius run at the Olypmics seriously had me question the fairness of… Continue reading

Growing Organs

I would like a new liver please. Maybe make that two. Just in case. Dr Anthony Atala, a US researcher, builds organs. In a BBC news report of March 11th, 2012, it is… Continue reading


Inspiration: Personal experience A couple of years ago I went to a turtle farm in Sri Lanka. In the area it is very common to eat turtle eggs, however many turtle species are… Continue reading

Coca Cola for the world

Spread the happiness and send a free Coke to someone! But not just your neighbour. No, send it wherever you wish in the world! During my internship at Publicis Chemistry I had the… Continue reading